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Love it and going to buy more😍

Josselin Montoya

i love it!!!!! it’s so cute

Rose Quartz

This is so cute!! i love it sm i love how it’s simple but also unique🤩


I really love it

I got the necklace for someone as a gift and they absolutely love the way it shines in the sun it’s so beautiful

The necklace is super cute! I’m so in love with it and the packaging was really great. I’m definitely ordering again from this website!


i just got mine rn and i’m obsessed!! can’t wait to wear it w a cute fit!

Loved it!

I absolutely loved my set! I was so excited to receive it and have not stopped wearing it since! I get so many compliments on them and I've worn them to the beach and they didn't tarnish! I will for sure be buying from you again! Packaging and everything was so cute, Great experience ❤️‍🔥


Love how I can wear anywhere! Seriously, the shower, beach, pool you name it and it won't turn green. I love your jewelry!

Great Quality for the price

The necklace was amazing quality and came in lovely thoughtful packaging. I definitely would buy from here again and recommended this shop to my friends and family!

Love it!

I love my necklace! It's so cute I never take it off. I've had it for a few weeks and have worn it in the shower multiple times. it hasn't tarnished yet.

Top Notch Quality

Ordered for my Daughter's sweet 16 and she absolutely luvs it.. Arrived a day early at that..
She'll def be following and ordering again. Thank you

So cute

I really love how comfortable this is around my ankle. I’ve gotten compliments on it already after just a day. It’s so so pretty and I really don’t have much more to say about this.

Really comfortable

The bracelet stretches so if someone has thick forearms, this would be comfortable for them. Mine are not so thick but they don’t slide around anywhere. It’s literally just perfect around my wrist. the beads are a nice dark black but shiny, and the elastic used to keep it together is also black which is a plus.

So pretty!

I absolutely love this necklace. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it already and it has only been a day. It’s the perfect length as well to layer with other jewelry I purchased from here as well. It doesn’t feel heavy around your neck either and my crystal is a bit shorter and thicker than the one in the photo.

I love it so much it’s so pretty!!

Does not peel

I put it 2 times in running water and it did not turn green or peel then I used it in the shower for 1 week and yet to not peel I am in love with the necklace

Tsering Zangmo
Dragon tablet necklace

Super cute and simple! Must buy.



Its so pretty! Looks just like the picture and sparkles in the sunlight

Custom necklace

Love it! It’s so cute and good quality :)

Been wearing it for weeks now and it’s still intact I love it !

My mom LOVED her birthday gift!

She hasn’t tried it in water yet bc it’s supposed to be water proof but other than that she loves it! It almost made her cry bc of how beautiful the jewelry were. I will definitely buy me some more things from the shop once I get money 😌🥰

Super cute and looks great with any outfit!